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Fire Suppression

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Total Connections Fire Suppression Division 

We offer fire suppression services at all branches and on site for your convenience.

-  Able to service most brands of AFFF Systems, including Stryker, Chubb & Wormald.

-  Also Fogmaker systems.

-  Licensed to carry out servicing on Gaseous Fire Suppression systems including Ozone Depleting Gas Systems and CO2 systems  

-  Holder of Extinguishing Agents Handling License 

Commonly used 

  FM-200, Heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea)

  • Halon1211, Bromochlorodifluoromethane (BCF) 
  • Halon 1301, Bromotrifluoromethane (BTM)
  • NAF-SIII and NAF-PIII, Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC Blend A and HCFC Blend C)

Total Connections offer a complete hosing package

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Complete serviceWe provide mobile services, fully stocked workshops, and on-site facilities that can be customised and maintained to suit every client.

On site, we provide our customers with training, stock management and preventative maintenance solutions to better meet their needs. In our large workshop we have the knowledge and ability to source a wide range of hydraulic components such as pumps, motors, valves, seals etc.  

Mobile Van Service

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Each of our mobile vans has the facilities to crimp from ¼ inch to 2-inch hose and from 1 to 6 wire hose.  All mobile service vehicles carry in excess of 1,000 line items, ensuring that most jobs can be carried out on site.


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PartsOur well-equipped workshops carry over 10,000 line items and our experienced staff have the knowledge to source and supply even the most unusual parts.

Our commitment to customer service ensures that if a part cannot be supplied locally it will be sourced quickly from our other branches or from the manufacturer direct. When called on to provide the more unusual parts, we pledge to track down what is required and offer an overnight or express service.


On-site Container Workshop Facility

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On site FacilityAs part of our complete package we offer an on-site workshop facility complete with hose assembling equipment customised for either underground or surface use. The hyraulics container is maintained by our experienced technicians on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your requirements.

A physical stock take can be carried out at regular intervals, with a min/max stock control system to ensure the correct inventory level is maintained.

Our standard hydraulics container set up includes workbenches, hose reels, crimper, cut-off saw, parts boxes and racking. All set ups are tailored to a client's individual requirements.

We keep complete containers on hand at all times, ready to ship to your site immediately.

On Site Training

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Our qualified staff can provide on site training to ensure all your personnel are kept up to date with new or alternative procedures.
Training includes:
  • Correct identification of hoses
  • Correct and safe manufacturing procedures
  • Correct use of all container equipment and machinery

Quality Products

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Total Connections are suppliers of quality products only. Our products offer the following features which ensures ease of use when making a hose:
  • One piece fitting
  • Each size fitting is compatible with both 2 and 4 wire hose
  • All fittings and adaptors are standard spanner sizes
  • Each fitting and adaptor have their own part number and size stamped into it
  • All hose is non skive, meaning the cover does not need to be removed before assembling
  • We offer an extensive range of standard to high abrasive and high temperature hoses suitable for all water, oil, chemical and air applications.

Preventative Maintenance

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We offer a preventative maintenance service to carry out inspections on all equipment and identify worn or damaged hoses.

A stock of pre-made hoses can be supplied for common applications such as lift, tilt and steering to minimize downtime. Our hose tagging system also helps to identify problem hoses on your machinery.

All hose assemblies are made to OEM specifications and we have hose breakdown catalogues available from major equipment manufacturers.